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Replicator Pro II Sheet Forming Machine

Replicator PRO II plastic sheet forming machine

The Replicator PRO II™ plastic sheet forming machine is a full sized industrial piece of equipment designed to be operated with ease and minimal training.

The footprint of the machine is about 72 inches long, 38 inches wide, and 79 inches tall. If needed, it can be partially disassembled to fit through a 34 inch wide door.

The largest plastic sheet size clamping frame recommended is 24 inches by 32 inches.

Plastic sheets as provided by plastic supply companies generally come in 4 foot by 8 foot sizes and we have designed this unit to be able to use clamping frame sizes that make the most economical and practical cuts out of a sheet. The way the frames are set up the material can be cut into nominal sizes (do not have to be exactly to size) so you don't lose the last cuts to off sizes or short pieces that would otherwise be considered scrap out of the sheets.

Frame sizes available: (Most popular sizes represented with a * or **)

  • 8 inches by 8 inches
  • 8 inches by 12 inches *
  • 8 inches by 16 inches *
  • 12 inches by 12 inches **
  • 12 inches by 16 inches *
  • 12 inches by 24 inches *
  • 16 inches by 16 inches **
  • 16 inches by 24 inches **
  • 16 inches by 32 inches
  • 18 inches by 18 inches
  • 18 inches by 24 inches *
  • 24 inches by 24 inches **
  • 24 inches by 32 inches
  • 30 inches by 32 inches
  • Custom frame sizes can also be made if needed.

Purchase of a machine includes three clamping frames of your choice in sizes.

A few key points about the Replicator PRO II™

  • Very quiet operation, can be used in an art department or other location where noise is an important factor. You can hold a conversation in a normal voice while operating this machine.
  • Size is minimal as the design of the machine incorporated the frame as part of the unit and serves as the vacuum chamber, eliminating the normal bulky air tanks used in other units.
  • Extremely fast changing of clamping frames and molds, making the manufacture of even single parts possible by eliminating the extensive time it takes for setup in comparison to other machines that do the job this one does.
  • Very efficient use of power. Nothing runs until the clamped material is placed into the heat, or is draped over the molds.
  • The Replicator PRO II is a semi automatic machine. Once the operator sets the switches for running a particular part, nothing needs to be changed or switched during a production run.
  • Material size, type, or thickness, can range from .010 to .25 depending on the clamping frames used and the parts requirements. Typical materials used with this machine include ABS, KYDEX®, PETG, HIPS, HDPE, LDPE, ACRYLIC, POLYCARBONATE, VINYL, Laminated sheets with decorative surfaces, and other specialized plastic materials. Please note: some materials may require special air quality controls to manufacture parts using heat and other methods of manufacturing.
  • A simple key lockout can be installed on the machine to keep anyone from operating it unsupervised. This is especially useful when it may be put into service in a school or other type of educational facility.
  • The heaters are set back away from being over the operators head. This is a comfort and safety feature that was designed into the unit to make operation of the unit a lot more pleasant and practical.
  • Changing material in the clamping frames is fast and easy so forming plastic parts for production is as quick as cycling the material through the machine.
  • The Replicator PRO II™ runs on single phase 220/240 VAC on a 50 amp breaker circuit. An air supply to the machine would be recommended as the machine has the ability to "Blow Off" parts that may be a little difficult to remove from a mold. Also, an air gun is handy to blow off dust from plastic sheets as they will collect dust by static charge right out of the air.
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