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Plastic Forming Machine Turning Ideas into Products














MARKETS for the Replicator PRO II™

AUTO BOAT MOTORCYCLE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES There are so many items that can be made out of formed plastic for the personal transportation industry it would be impossible to even list them here. Suffice it to say, the possibilities are endless as to what can be manufactured for this industry.
MACHINE COVERS AND CASES Many machines that are manufactured require covers for safety and for design. Thermal formed plastic pieces can be designed for many applications when it comes to the endless machines that are available at retail and business use.
FORMED PLASTIC ARTWORK Formed plastic artwork can range from light boxes to incredible constructions that only the imagination can come up with. Plastics can be made to look like just about anything including wood, metal, stone, and just about any other texture you can think of.
ART SUPPLIES PAINT PALETTES AND MIXING TRAYS Just about everyone is familiar with a paint palette where colors can be mixed by the artist. Almost all of them are made by the thermal forming process, including the lids.
MOVIE PROPS Movie props can range from plastic uniforms as used in some of the more popular space movies along with gun designs, set design components, mask, armor, landscapes and every imaginable thing you can think up.
GUN CASES, HOLSTERS, ARCHERY SUPPLIES AND OTHER HUNTING ACCESSORIES This area of manufacturing is still wide open for products that would enhance or be handy for the outdoor enthusiast.
FISHING ACCESSORIES The fishing industry is a huge area that thermal formed plastic is a large part of. From actual fishing components to tackle packaging, this is an area that the Replicator PRO II would be extremely useful to the manufacturer no matter how small or large they are.
INDUSTRIAL TRAYS Trays used in specialized production like lock companies, small appliance companies, or any industry that requires a tray to run production, this is an exceptional use for the Replicator PRO II as the company can manufacture trays as needed along with any other plastic components involved in their manufacturing assembly lines.
STORE DISPLAYS AND ACCESSORIES Almost all store displays and shelf accessories are made using thermal formed plastics. A small manufacturer could make this area of production their entire business.
3D SIGNS Signs are everywhere. 3D backlit signs or painted signs are so common that most people see them, but never realize what they are made from or how they are made.
MEDICAL SUPPORTS The medical industry is huge and wide open for opportunities in manufacturing. Braces, supports, trays, medical device components, packaging, molds, and much more can be done with plastic formed pieces.
PET SUPPLIES Pets are big business. From fish tanks to exotic large animals and everything in between, there are applications for thermal formed plastic components.
PACKAGING INSERTS TRAYS AND SPECIALIZED PRODUCT SUPPORTS Packaging is an ideal use for thermal formed plastics. Many items shipped out today require specialized supports in boxes along with display trays for products that go on the shelf. Ever take a look around a store these days? There is as much plastic in the packaging as there is in the products themselves, maybe even more. Small manufacturers cannot afford to have massive amounts of specialized packaging done, so the Replicator PRO II would be perfect for the job of manufacturing most of these types of required components.
JEWELRY MOLD MAKING AND OTHER SPECIALIZED DISPLAYS AND CASES The jewelry industry is another huge area that the thermal formed plastic business can be used in. From making small special molds for casting materials to making special displays, trays, and even jewelry box inserts or case components.
CELL PHONE ACCESSORIES Cell phone holders, holsters, docks, and more can be made using thermal formed plastics. This is an industry that is still little touched upon, but could be huge if the right items were to be developed and marketed.
ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN AND HOME DECOR There are many applications for architectural design and home decor. Ceiling tile making with laminated plastics, molds to cast special plaster pieces for applications on walls is only the beginning of what formed plastic components can be applied to in this area of thermal forming.
LABORATORY EQUIPMENT Special plastic lab equipment is usually difficult to have made do to the cost of having it manufactured. This is because there isn't a lot of lab equipment that isn't mass produced so it is expensive to have small orders run for specialized uses. The Replicator PRO II is perfect for running very small and special orders and can still be used to run large orders for lab supplies as well.
AWARDS INDUSTRY The awards industry is a huge business. Most awards businesses now have lasers and other specialized tooling to do the work of producing awards for about every kind of sport that you can imagine. Formed plastic parts can easily be incorporated into this industry, especially with the fantastic laminated materials that are out there today that can be formed on our machine.
ELECTRONICS ACCESSORIES INSULATORS AND ENCLOSURES Electronic boxes, displays, insulators, enclosures, covers, and many other components can be manufactured using thermal forming.
ELECTRONICS EPOXY POTTING CASES AND MOLDS Many electronic components and assemblies are encapsulated with epoxy and other resins. Many do this to protect the electronic components from the surrounding environment or moisture or for other reasons.
NEON LIGHT HOUSINGS Neon lights require a very high voltage transformer that is usually put inside of a plastic case of some kind. This makes it much more safe and also protects the components. Custom design of neon light enclosures is a breeze for the Replicator PRO II to manufacture.
FURNITURE DESIGN AND MOLDS TO MAKE CAST PARTS Many of the more exotic furniture designers are using tile and other components now. The new materials available like Xenostone™ can be easily cast in plastic molds and very quickly be used as parts for furniture. Even concrete can be used as cast components for furniture.
OPTICAL INDUSTRY In the optical industry, specialized plastic trays are a necessary requirement for handling lenses and other sensitive components. The non magnetic properties of plastic make it perfect for working with automated machines that may pick up small parts using electromagnets, vacuum, and robotics.
COSMETIC INDUSTRY The cosmetic industry is a large user of thermal formed plastics. Soap and bath salts require plastic molds to be formed and custom molds for this purpose is a fantastic business for producing branded cosmetic products. Also, there is a large use in formed plastic trays for eye shadow colors, facial treatments, and even mirror housings and other types of cases used in this industry.
GAME AND TOY INDUSTRY 3D game boards, game components, CD and DVD cases, paint ball armor and protective gear, just to mention a few applications for thermal formed plastics is an area where thermal formed plastics can be used to build in this industry. There are very large trade shows for the game industry where a business can present new games and toys that are made from thermal formed plastics.
POLY CLAY FORMING Certain plastic materials can be formed that work very well for making poly clay press molds. This can have applications in the jewelry business, doll business, and other niche areas where poly clay is used.
SKYLIGHT APPLICATIONS Skylights are formed by simply clamping acrylic plastic sheeting between two sheets or placed over a piece of sheet metal or clamping frame and clamped so that it droops down in the opening that is cut in the sheet metal once the plastic begins to heat . Once the desired depth is acquired, the heat is turned off and the plastic is allowed to cool in that shape. The skylights can then be applied to homes, motor homes, boats, play houses, and any other place where natural light is desired in an area.
LAMP PARTS Lamp parts made from thermal formed plastics can range from fancy shades used on outdoor lighting fixtures to molds for creating bases and other lamp parts cast from plaster, Xenostone, and some resins.
HIKING AND CAMPING GEAR Hiking and camping gear is a wide open area for the development of new products. There is just to much that can be done in this area with thermal formed plastics to list here.
CLOTHING AND PURSE ACCESSORIES The clothing and style industry is a fantastic area for thermal formed plastics. With all the types of laminated plastics that can be used that mimic metals, wood, and other exotic materials, this is a very lucrative business to get into. Purses and purse accessories vary so much that whole new lines and designs can be developed in this area. Also, some plastic materials might be used for protective accessories on children's clothing in the world of roller skating and for winter fun.
BICYCLE ACCESSORIES Guards, windshields, fenders, carry cases, seat accessories, and many other plastic parts can be made using thermal formed plastics. The bicycle industry is a huge area that plastics can be expanded into.
COMPUTER ACCESSORIES The computer world is changing fast. Computer housings are getting smaller and in some cases, the computer is part of the monitor. There are many accessories in the computer and business world where thermal formed plastics can be made into useful items.
MUSICAL INSTRUMENT ACCESSORIES Musical instruments can actually be made using thermal formed plastics. Especially in the percussion instrument world. Cases can be made for the smaller instruments along with protective gear and many other accessories.
SPEAKER CABINET ACCESSORIES AND HOUSINGS Thermal formed plastics is a great application for making speaker housings for the automotive industry, pool side industry, and many other applications where keeping the speakers safe from damage would be good applications. Also, heavier plastics can be formed into sound reflectors or dampeners, depending on what is desired.
CLOCKS Clocks and clock components or molds to cast clocks is a perfect application for thermal formed plastics. Laminated plastic materials offer a wide range of finishes and casting stone clocks using cold set ceramic Xenostone™ might be a whole new world in the time keeping industry.
MOTOR HOME ACCESSORIES The motor home and RV industry is all about light weight and durable products. There are so many items that can be made for this industry for direct application to the RV to making accessories for the RV enthusiast.
AIR CONDITIONING COMPONENTS The air conditioning industry uses many plastic parts and all units have some kind of drain tray in them. The metal pans can be easily replaced with durable ABS plastic trays and some other components would be best served with plastic parts as well. Electrical covers and insulators along with fan and vent items can be applied with plastic parts using thermal formed plastics.
PET SUPPLIES AND VETERINARIAN SUPPLIES The pet industry is huge around the world. Just a walk through a large pet store will make even the most uncreative mind come up with new ideas in this market. There are so many different types of pets and applications that can be applied to using plastics that you could create many new items in this area alone to use the Replicator PRO II in manufacturing your ideas and products. The Replicator PRO II is already in use for manufacturing a specific line of veterinarian supplies.
HYDROPONICS The growing market (no pun intended) for growing plants using hydroponics is huge. Trays, tray inserts, seed starters, pump housings, drain components, electrical housings, decorative accessories, and many other applications can be applied to this market using thermal formed plastic components.
YARD AND GARDEN Anything you can imagine can be made from plastics or cast in plastic molds for applying to the back yard or garden area. Stepping stones cast from concrete is a typical use for plastic molds. Weather vanes, pond accessories, plant accessories, and so on can be easily developed and manufactured using the Replicator PRO II.
FUNERAL WREATH COMPONENTS AND FLOWER ARRANGEMENT ACCESSORIES Funeral wreaths and flower arrangements use a lot of different components made from thin plastic that are then painted with gold or silver or other colors. Simply put some thought into the kind of things that can be used in this industry and you can quickly see what can be done in manufacturing for this industry.
BUSINESS ACCESSORIES An organized desk is a sign of an organized mind. Special trays for desk drawers, desk top accessories, business card holders and much more can be designed for this area of plastic manufacturing.
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